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Thank you for visiting Rehs Galleries, Inc. and we trust you will enjoy browsing our site. Our gallery specializes in 19th and 20th century European paintings and displays works by many important Barbizon, Realist, Academic and Impressionst artists including: Rosa Bonheur, Eugene Boudin, William Bouguereau, Jean B.C. Corot, Edouard Cortes, Charles Daubigny, Montague Dawson, Julien Dupre, Arthur John Elsley, Daniel Ridgway Knight, Louis Aston Knight, Fred Morgan, Emile Munier and Maurice de Vlaminck. In addition the gallery features works by the mid 20th century American artist llya Bolotowsky. Read More...

Catalogues Raisonnes

Daniel Ridgway Knight
Emile Munier
Julien Dupre
Antoine Blanchard


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