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Elizardo Mojica B. 1993
Elizardo Mojica
B. 1993
By Decree of Camelot
Charcoal and pastel on paper
Elizardo Mojica
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City
I was inspired to make this piece after learning about the Camelot Musical of 1982 by Alan Jay Lerner. I love how this musical is centered around the Arthurian Legends because I myself am pretty fond of such historic times. While coming up with this drawing, I pictured a beautiful young girl singing to the King and his Knights of the round table after their victories of battle. It is often found in human traditions that, no matter what place or language a person may be of, there is always joy found in music almost like a decree, an unspoken rule so to speak. After a war the warriors would gather to feast with the companion of music and this young lady is the voice that the victors so love as tribute for their hard paid blood, sweat and tears.

Inspired by: "Be My Light" by Jeff Danna and Mychael Danna

Elizardo Mojica (b. 1993). Elizardo grew up with relatives who embraced the love of drawing and, since his childhood, he has been inspired by both art and his family to become a fine artist.

Starting with animations and simple sketches he began to incorporate this new talent into his personality and soon it became part of him, always embracing the idea of creating something out of nothing with an emphasis on the skill necessary to the art form.

Making his way through high school he was introduced to many other forms of art, such as ceramics and sculptures. He studied under the guidance of Jamaican artist Dervin Leiba, a talented realist and surrealist artist specializing in drawing and painting. It didn’t take long for Elizardo to become influenced by Dervin and he rapidly learned about abstract, realist and surrealist graphite pencil techniques and started his journey to becoming a professional artist.

On the verge of finishing high school Elizardo was approached by his guidance counselor Anita Ruan and was introduced to Ani Art Academies Anguilla. Purely by seeing the art produced by other apprentices and the instructors Elizardo immediately began making preparations to attend, such was his admiration for the Waichulis approach and the instructor on island, Tim Jahn.

When Elizardo started the Waichulis curriculum provided by Ani Art Academies he encountered a new challenge as he began working with charcoal and pastel, techniques and media that he had never encountered before. As his progress increased Elizardo was anxious to put the ideas that ran through his mind on paper and give in to the burning passion that was ignited at a very early childhood, the passion for art.

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