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Rodney O'Dell Davis B. 1974
Rodney O'Dell Davis
B. 1974
The Dark Side of the Force
Oil on panel
10 x 8 inches
Rodney O'Dell Davis
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City
Darth Vader, what a badass; but even this villain of villains’ had to start somewhere. Here Vader is depicted beginning his training in the force by levitating a sphere. Perhaps Vader’s training goes hand in hand with artist Rodney O’Dell Davis’s own painting journey, this being his first painting. O'Dell hones his technique by painting a sublime sphere with the dreaded alizarin crimson, a pigment feared by many painters; a challenging and ambitious task indeed. As Vader’s and Rodney’s powers grow, they will become unstoppable. Pretty soon Vader will be choking out haters left and right with his force powers, while O’Dell will be banging out masterpieces. One day they will rule the galactic empire and take over ze world.
Narrative by : Jason Brady


Rodney O’Dell Davis followed his passion for fine art, to New York City, where he was accepted into the prestigious Grand Central Academy of Art core-program. After some years diligently studying representational art- he applied to the Ani Art Academy Waichulis, where he met and apprenticed under Anthony Waichulis. Upon completing this challenging and rewarding program, he was offered the position of Head Instructor at Ani Art Academies Thailand. Rodney is represented by Rehs Contemporary Gallery in NYC, and is constantly inspired, invigorated and thankful for the community of talented individuals, whom have leant him support over the years. 


Rodney O’Dell Davis’ aesthetic could be described as a veritable carnival of serenely macabre, romantically gothic beauty- a slow, graceful stroll through evocative, melancholic memory. At once darkly fantastical, haunting, dignified, and sublime. As if unable to rouse oneself from a dream—Davis’ work will linger in your thoughts, long after the experience. 


His influences run the gamut from Baroque art and architecture, 19th century Russian and French academic art- to surrealism, and 20th century pop art. He considers himself drawn to any style that has a powerful, visual impact on the viewer. He is consistently galvanized by immersive art, whether classical, neoclassical or modern. 



Rodney O’Dell Davis strives to create works that are so powerful, they pull the observer into raw, emotionally charged realties. His desire is that you the audience will come away from his work with the same sensation of unearthly rapture that he feels, when crafting them.

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