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Bernard Poremba B. 1946
Bernard Poremba
B. 1946
Oil on board
12 x 16 inches
Bernard Poremba
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City
Men were created to explore. Due to this ambition, legends were born. Our great land, America, emerged from this desire to push the boundaries, explore the streams, climb the mountains and settle the unknown and uninhabited territories. All of this was made possible by the great American and Native American explorers working and fighting side by side. Native Americans thought our explorers the skills they needed to survive the wilderness. Our heroes such as Daniel Boone, Davey Crocket, and Lewis and Clark joined the members of the Algonquin, Mohican and Iroquois tribes to make America what it is today. This painting does not depict any one hero, but is a representation of the outdoor spirit of all of those men and women who had the fortitude to preserve, and thus, through their adventures, wove the myths and legends which still survive today. It represents outdoor spirit and depicts a journey across the waterways of the West to the Pacific Ocean.

After retiring from thirty-five years of service with the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board, Bernard W. Poremba of Plymouth PA Finally had the opportunity to pursue his passion – art.  While in high school, his talent was evident, however, military service during the Vietnam era and dedication to his wife and two sons kept this passion on the back burner. As a retirement gift, his wife presented him with art lessons with Joel Carson Jones, and this began Bernard’s involvement with the Ani Art Academies.  Bernard began with charcoal pencil, white chalk and colored charcoal.  Eventually he moved into oil paintings. He has been associated with the Ani Art Academies for 8 years and has won awards and recognition with the Roberson Museum in Binghamton, NY.

Bernard currently resides in Plymouth, PA and Indian Lake, PA with his wife of 43 years, Mary.  He is a father of two sons, Sheldon, Allentown PA and Trevor, Pine Grove PA and the grandfather of two, Zachary, 11, and Taryn, 8, both of Allentown
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