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Lucy Shemo B. 1997
Lucy Shemo
B. 1997
Future Time
Charcoal and pastel on paper
8 x 10 inches
Lucy Shemo
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City
A god-like talent very occasionally inherited by mortal men and women. The seventh son of a seventh son is likely to be endowed with future-sight, but in these days of the nuclear family such people are rare. A mortal who believes them is likely to be led sadly astray. Wizards, sorcerers, gypsies, witches, and shamans devote enormous effort to researching the science of future-sight. Even the great magician Merlin, possessed future-sight to a remarkable degree.

Lucy Shemo was born in Kingston, Pennsylvania to John Shemo and Marlane Zlotek in 1997. She has three siblings, all somewhat close to her age. Growing up in an artistic family, she has had an interest in art ever since she drew on the walls of her house as a little kid. In the summer of 2012 (to present day) she has furthered her art interest by training with Joel Carson Jones. Her work has been exhibited in minimal galleries, but there are many opportunities she has yet been offered. Lucy is growing as an artist and training her eye with Joel, learning patience and dedication are a very big part of what she does. She and many others are excited to see her art career began.

Artist statement

I am young. To speak for my art as a whole is still half empty. I'm still trying to find my style and my voice. My medium is charcoal, and I hope people can take that I love what I do away from my work. With each piece I work on I find out what I like and what I don't. I cannot tell you what to feel by my work, but to maybe feel inspired that I did not rip my hair out from never ending layers 

of charcoal or sometimes leaving the studio with my face freshly painted grey from charcoal dust. I’m inspired by many of the people that work at the studio with Joel Jones. Training with Joel has helped me with not only my artistic abilities but with my patience and dedication to what I’m working on. I believe that the art one is working on should be a reflction of their dedication and love for what they do. I like for my art to convey that young artists are dedicated to what they do and shouldn’t be overlooked because they’ve had less experience. My art is a major part of my life and part of who I am.
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