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Andy Judd B. 1991
Andy Judd
B. 1991
Charcoal and pastel on paper
11 x 16 1/2 inches
Andy Judd
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City
A Mobster has been brought in for interrogation for supposed injustices committed. The out of focus interrogator is an emphasis on the loss of power in the situation where the Mobster is in full on focus pushing control. The shadow being cast down over the mobsters face is a foreshadowing of the darkness lurking in him. The lighting is set to envelope the main character in his awe, Also intended to be an intimidation factor highlighting how powerful he is, yet not neglecting how somber the scene is between both individuals do to the dark areas of the work. The cup of coffee is meant to be a peace offering in a sense even though the mobster’s eyes are looking away from all of it in an annoyed show of complete disinterest; which is completed by almost no emotion on his face. I wanted the piece to be powerful, in your face and dark. The whole scene is a view of two individuals who are both power hungry, yet want power for opposite reasons -- one to protect, and the other to harm. A code of dominance is portrayed by both characters, but the only one who's winning, is the one in the spotlight.

Andy aspires to indulge himself in the studio as well as out side of it. Always looking for something new to learn to try in his work. As a boy, Andy loved to draw. Growing up with such a love for art, Andy pursued it even more so through grade school and up. Always entering school shows, even staying and working late after class hours. When Andy got into High School, his art really propelled him through to find duCret. Opening his eyes to a whole new world for him to engross himself in. He was overwhelmed by all the different aspects of art that he could learn and could understand how it truly impacted the world around him. 

At duCret, Andy originally wanted to study illustration. But After a Trip to a local gallery. He fell head first for realism. From that moment on he strongly pursued academic drawing and painting. Finding Monica Baumann and Michael J. Ruple as the perfect instructors to deliver the information as far as draftsmanship and material control that he desired. Spending most of his time working from live models and still life setups he began to hone his skills. Andy was consumed by the realm of Realism and the Draftsmanship he was able to achieve through hard work and dedication. As time went on Andy began to experiment with photography and utilizing those imagines in creating a composition he wanted to work from to convey a specific theme or subject. From those photos Andy began understanding even more about what he was seeing, Continuing to push for more and more out of his work. 
In 2011, Andy was offered  an opportunity to study at Ani Art Acadamies Brandon Drake. Under Brandon's direction, Andy began The Language of Drawing program developed by Brandon's teacher, Anthony J. Waichulis, the founder of The Waichulis Studio located in Pennsylvania.
Andy is still currently studying under Brandon Drake, Looking forward to the possibilities the future holds for him on his artistic journey. 
Andy has stated, "I hope to continually push my own boundaries as a creative person along with my technical boundaries to create as believable an image as I can." Andy is constantly inspired by the deep meanings of things he comes across that he finds truly beautiful and mortal. He hopes others view the material he produces with open eyes and curiosity. "My desire it to shed a bit of light on my own views through my work, along with continuing to gain knowledge and wisdom from others around me. Maybe even invite them to share the views i have as well. Who knows, any thing is possible, right?"
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