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Erik Koeppel B. 1980
Erik Koeppel
B. 1980
Glen Ellis Falls
Oil on masonite
16 x 12 inches
Framed dimensions:
25 1/2 x 21 1/2 inches
Signed; also signed and titled on the reverse
The artist
Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc., New York City
Private collection

Erik Koeppel was born in Oregon, and spent his childhood moving with his family through many of the most beautiful landscapes of North America from the Rocky Mountains, to Southern California, to the Appalachian Range. At the age of ten, he settled in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, where he drew obsessively from nature, and began to develop a love for the expressive potentials of traditional representation. Erik received his formal training from the Rhode Island School of Design followed by the New York Academy of Art, and an annual apprenticeship in Wiscasset, Maine with his professor and friend, Seaver Leslie. After copying extensively from the Italian Masters, he developed a body of work that has been exhibited and collected internationally, and represented across the United States. Koeppel’s mastery of traditional techniques has led him to become one of very few young contemporary artists whose work is regularly exhibited with historic masters of the 19th and early 20th Centuries. He has hung beside Thomas Cole, Winslow Homer, Edgar Degas, John Frederick Kensett, and George Inness, and has had the distinguished honor of entering collections including artists of this caliber.  American Artist, PleinAir Magazine, and other respected publications have covered his progress.

Artist Statement:

In the act of painting, I have sought to discover that highest knowledge of Beauty, poetic and philosophical, that has been the common thread between all of the Great Masters of Art. I have spent hours staring at the finest masterpieces in museums worldwide in an effort to decipher that meditative effect that distinguishes greatness from proficiency, and have made the creation of that sentiment my central goal as an artist. Following this path has led me to study deeply the sciences of philosophy, design, linear perspective, anatomy, color, optics, architecture, botany, light and atmosphere with respect to their purposes in art, and I have built a foundation of consistent formal principles that work in harmony to illuminate meaning in painting. As my subject, I have chosen the universal human condition in this world, and have sought wherever possible to discard the sociopolitical fashions of contemporary culture in favor of those enduring sentiments that we all encounter in life. It is my belief that to experience the Beauty of our existence here in this magnificent landscape is the only way to happiness. My intention as an artist is to share that Beauty.

2004 - New York Academy of Art. Master of Fine Arts in Painting
2002 -  Rhode Island School of Design. Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration
1999-2004 - Painter/Professor Seaver Leslie of RISD, Apprenticeship at his studio

Honors and Awards
2012 - Art Renewal Center Living Master, Port Reading, NJ
2012 - Judge Teaching Studio of Art 2nd Annual Plein Art Comp., Sagamore Hill, NY
2011 - Hudson River Fellowship, Senior Fellow, Hunter, NY 2010-12
2011 - Art Renewal Center Salon Landscape finalist 2009, 2010, and 2011
2009 - Hudson River Fellowship: one month residency in Hunter, NY 2009

2012 - "Techniques of the Hudson River School Masters with Erik Koeppel", DVD, Streamline Publishing
2012 - "Erik Koeppel: Informed and inspired by the Hudson River School" by Steven Doherty in PleinAir Magazine August 2012
2012 - "On the Road to Jackson" Essay by Charlie Vogel Exhibition Catalog
2012 - My Long Island TV Coverage of the 2nd Annual Plein Air Competition at Sagamore Hill, NY
2012 - "Nature's Palette" Cover, and Saturday Feature by Tom Eastman, The Conway Daily Sun. July
2012 - "Old Time Relationship" Cover of The Telegraph Magazine by Jake Berry, Sunday June 17
2012 - "(Upfront) The Old is New Again" by Barbara Coles, New Hampshire Magazine
2012 - "On the Road to Jackson..." by Cynthia Melendy, Ph.D., The MountainEar, June 14
2012 - "What Better Place to Paint?" by Kristi Garofalo, Union Leader, April 10
2011 - "The Malzahn Collection" by Mathias Anderson, Fine Art Connoisseur, December issue
2011 - "Revisiting the Hudson River School" by John A. Parks, American Artist: Plein Air Painting, Fall Issue
2011 - "Landscape Painting in the 19th-Century Tradition" by Stephen Doherty, PleinAir Magazine, Fall Issue
2011 - "PleinAirMagazine's Publisher's Invitational" PleinAir Magazine, Fall Issue
2011 - “Hudson Valley Contemporary: Works on Paper” catalogue
2011 - Art Renewal Center International Salon Catalogue
2010 - American Painting Video Magazine, Fall issue, “The Hudson River Fellowship”
2010 - Art Renewal Center International Salon Catalogue
2010 - “Erik Koeppel, The American Landscape” catalogue, Wally Findlay Gallery
2009 - “Erik Koeppel, Kickin’ it Old School” Manhattan Magazine, November Issue
2009 - Art Renewal Center International Salon Catalogue

2012 - “The Influence of Thomas Cole” Lecture at Keene State College, Keene, NH
2012 - “The Epic View: A Revival of the Hudson River School” Lecture at the New Hampshire Antiques Co-op Milford, NH
2012 - Instructor at the PleinAir Convention, Las Vegas, NH
2012 - Private Instruction, Erik Koeppel Studio, Jackson, NH
2012 - “Painting in the Tradition of the Hudson River School” Grand Central Academy of Art workshop, Jackson, NH
2012 - “Introduction to Traditional Oil Painting” workshop at The Wentworth Hotel, Jackson, NH
2011 - “Artist Panel Discussion; Hudson Valley Contemporary” Art Students League, NY, NY
2011 - “Methods for the Ideal Landscape” Workshop, Erik Koeppel Studio, Jersey City, NJ
2011 - “Landscape Painting: A Traditional Approach”, Workshop, Grand Central Academy of Art
2011 - “The Claudian Tree” Workshop, Banner Hill School, Windham, NY
2011 - Lecturer, Grand Central Academy of Art, “the Arcadian Vision”, New York, NY
2010 - Private Instruction, Erik Koeppel Studio
2008 - Studio of Seaver Leslie, instruction/critique in painting and drawing
2007 - Atelier of the New York Academy of Art, Instructed figure drawing

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